Ideas for Wedding Cake Designs

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Ideas for Wedding Cake Designs

Once the guy has proposed on bended knee, and the lady accepts the offer with a warm “yes” then the sale has been closed, and the order now goes into the production process. As detached as it may sound the entire process of planning a wedding is no different than closing a sale and processing an order. It also gets to the same climax on whether or not the final product will impress or disappoint.

Many factors are responsible for making a wedding a success and enumerating them one by one would go on a long list you would not even bother to read. There is no denying though that one of the greatest contributors that create the wow factor on your wedding day is the cake. The wedding cake is a central element at the wedding reception and will be the main piece for photos and videos during this part of the celebration. The cake gets its own spotlight when the couple approaches it to make their first cut and take their first bite. There is enough reason to make the cake look the best it possibly can.

Deciding on the design for a wedding cake can be challenging. Usually, cake designers can provide you with the many options which sometimes create more confusion. The very important thing that you should do when choosing the design is to have already an idea in mind in contrast to just leaving it all to the designer or choosing from a thick catalogue of designs. Here are some useful tips to help you decide.

cake-foodporn-night-80779-medium-jpegSimple is More

Do not pressure yourself to go for the designs that are so elaborate and so complex to make everything look expensive. Overdoing the details and the design part can lead to the final output looking cheap and cramped up.

Concept is Key

You need to select a concept or a theme for your wedding. There is a reason why this is the case, and that is to create a cohesive design and a guiding principle that will make the pieces of the wedding jive and work well with each other. Without a theme, the pieces will look like they are fighting each other and the overall output a total mess. The cake is no exception. Make sure that the cake designer knows the theme and the concept you are trying to pull off.

cake-590815__180There is no Pressure with the Layers

Your cake is not headed to the NBA finals, so the height is not the main factor. One common pitfall is that couples tend to focus so much on achieving the height of the cake as if it is all that matters that the most important aspects of theme and design are compromised. Even a single layer cake can tick all the right boxes with the right concept and design.

Wedding cakes are special because they are intended to be the icing adorning your special day. Deciding on the design for the wedding cake should not be difficult as long as you know the basic do’s and don’ts.

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