Dos and Don’ts in Planning your Wedding Cake

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Dos and Don’ts in Planning your Wedding Cake

Putting all the pieces for a wedding together is easy but making them work well with each other may be a little bit of a challenge. The hardest pieces to get to work with each other could be the dress and the shoes, the centerpiece and the ceiling décor, the main motif and the reception lights, the hairstyle, and the bouquets, and the most challenging, the wedding cake with the entire reception.

The cake is a difficult piece to complete for the wedding because it plays a huge role in the reception which demands it to be beautiful to stand out but at the same time not lose the connection with the other elements. So it needs to be unique but also cooperative with the theme. That can be a tricky task. Here’s a guide to help you plan this aspect.

wedding-cake-toppers-267809__180Do work with a theme, Don’t select and collect

You may have read this in previous articles, but it is an aspect that is so important that it must not be missed. The theme is the central line that connects the dots and the pieces together to create the totality of the picture you are trying to paint on your wedding day. The cake is a central element in your wedding so it needs to connect with the concept or else you will have your guest thinking if it is the cake intended for the wedding reception in the other room.

Do work with an artist and don’t just work with a baker

A bake is surely skilled in making the right cake that will have you feeling like you are going to heaven the moment you take that first bite. Remember though that there are other aspects of the cake that must be perfect other than the taste. It needs to be elegant, beautiful, and unique but still identify with the theme and all these are tasks that can only be done by a true artist.

cake-1543834__180Do focus on the design and don’t prioritize the layers

Surely most people think that the height of the wedding cake is where its elegance and beauty rests. These people have gotten it all wrong. Focus on the concept and the design and if you get this part right, you won’t even need to worry how tall the wedding cake is. The cake should look unique and connected, and the height or the number of layers has little to do with it, so leave it alone.

Do know the value and don’t compromise the cost

Wedding cakes are expensive, but they do not have to take all the budget out for the reception. Wedding planners know that there are certain aspects of the design of the cake that can shoot the costs up but can easily be managed with a much cheaper alternative. Do not compromise on the cost by spending too little but at the same time do not compromise the other aspects of the wedding as well for a cake that is too costly.

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