Cakes and Weddings

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Cakes and Weddings

When planning a wedding, there are many pieces and items that need to be carefully thought of. Sometimes you need to go into a deeper detail in deciding what design and what type of material to go with for the tiny elements like the centerpieces, the ceiling décor, the wedding favors and even the styling of the bouquets pins for the members of the entourage. Every little thing sometimes becomes too much to work on for both the couple getting married and the wedding organizers. There is, however, another element of the celebration that demands as much attention that when not done right can lead to a wedding catastrophe.

Wedding cakes comprise an important element in the grand scale of planning an event as big as a wedding. There are aspects of the decision process that will make it challenging for couples to decide on the type of cake and the design to move forward with. Cakes are clearly part of the main cast in your wedding movie. You will see it often in your wedding photos and videos and so have it looking elegant and beautiful should be treated with utmost importance.

wedding-cake-975344_960_720Weddings have been considered to be one of the happiest moments in a person’s life being able to publicly declare your love and finally be with the person that you love for the rest of your life. Well, at least that’s what most people think about it. The point is, it is an event that is so big and so important that you need every piece to go with the grand scale of things. The cake is not an exception. You cannot just go into a local bakeshop and get a random $50 cake like you would when you want to surprise a friend for a birthday. A wedding should only happen once, ideally at least, so the cake to fit the occasion should not come from the day-today bakeshop you always go to.

Wedding cakes are more expensive than your typical birthday cakes. There is an acceptable reason for this, and that is because wedding cakes take a lot of effort to conceptualize and bake. The taste of the cake should be on point, and the aesthetic aspect of the design and the overall look must identify with the other pieces or with the entirety of the concept being followed for the event. If you planned an Asian themed wedding, you would not want to opt for a wedding cake looking like Sleeping Beauty’s castle and in a similar way, a cake with a modern and plain design does not go well with classic and vintage theme.

There is more to a cake than just the taste of the first bite, and there’s even more if you put it in a wedding canvass. The creators of wedding cakes are not simple bakers who work only with the oven, but they are also artists who work on every aspect and detail to make it perfect for the day that you have waited for so long to arrive.

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